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Będzie nam bardzo miło!
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Why us?
As we have previously stated, we possess a vast array of assets:
# we have a good knowledge of  Polish and Belarusian
additionally reinforced by our professionally
      competent partners,

# we have  a long-term experience working in the territory
      of Poland and Belarus, as well as other neighbouring countries
      of the former Soviet Union, which puts us in a good position to
      claim that we are very well familiar with
the rules governing
      these markets and have
  numerous commercial contacts
      to prove that,

# we perform different economic analyses and draw up
      numerous reports, including those aimed at obtaining funding

# we are eager to meet the people and learn the world.

The core of the company comprises of: a
                                                      long-serving Belarusian construction
                                                      building worker and a Polish engineer
                                                      with a long-term work experience in the
                                                      area of agriculture,   competent in
                                                      civil and trade law
                                                      and possessing
                                                      extensive economic
                                                      analyses practice.

                                                     The company’s
                                                      activity is enhanced
                                                      mainly by: a law
                                                      office and a sworn
translator’s office in Poland, along with a
multinational consulting company from Minsk,

Our team’s greatest ambition is to act effectively for a reasonable fee, providing our customers with the necessary confidence to trust us enough to become our long-term business partners.

                                We are looking forward
                                to do business with you!
Always cheap, reliably and on time!
Always cheap, reliably and on time!
not only for businessmen
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