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Usually Virtual Office is a combination of off-site live communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism.

                                                                                                We provide typical
                                                                                                services of a Virtual
like a
                                                                                                administration and phone
                                                                                                calls reports service, etc.
                                                                                                but maximum up to
                                                                                                half a year
. In this time
                                                                                                we hope to inform any
                                                                                                foreign businessmen of
                                                                                                principle of movement in
                                                                                                a Polish market and to
                                                                                                organise their business on
                                                                                                so sufficient level of what 
                                                                                                will let him to lead his
                                                                                                activity in Poland alone.

So welcome to "YourVirtual Office tp Start Up only"  for short time, adequate to start up with your business in Poland. We offer services a la carte, so you only pay for the professional services which you use.

Meantime our company can assist in:

# finding desired partner, co-owner or shareholder to collaboration,
# getting a Schengen visa to:
      - begin a cooperation on an European market as an independent
      entity or as a partner or investor,
      - form a company or start up an activity with a personal participation
       of a businessman, if only will arrive to Poland,
# setting up a company in Poland on correspondence way with permit
     of work and stay up to one year (before submitting an application
     for visa only),
# getting a permit of work and residence for a one year with a personal
     participation of a businessman, if only will arrive in Poland, for him
     and his family,
# leasing of a company seat for 3-6 month,
# start up the economic activity by registration in a tax administration
     and insurance agency as well as join to accounting service,
# finding of appropriate properties to using or buying in economic
# buying a needed equipment for activity fast and cheaply,
# marketing on Polish and Belarusian markets,
# legal, accounting and translation services in English and Russian,
# arranging a fund of EUR 5M and more to create a new investment from
     the beginning,
# arranging a fund of EUR 10M and more to buy a business ready for use
     like profitable factories or properties for rent,
# preparing to taking part in the competition for grants for a business
    development on a territory of the EU countries straight from the
    European Commision,
# introducing to a Polish trade law and commercial usages on European
# other entrusted matters.

Location of the Virtual Office
  has the population close to 400 thousand residents, and it is the eighth large city in Poland (a member country of the European Union), the capital of the Kuyavian-Pomerianian voivodship, one of the sixteen Polish regions.

The city is located suitably for running the business in North-Eastern
Poland and Europe. The following adjacent cities in Poland are easily
accessible by car:

# Poznań - 130 km, where the most significant international trade fairs
                           take place,
# Gdańsk - 180 km, where the nearest important Baltic port is located,
                           with the passenger ferries going regularly to Sweden and
# Warsaw - 270 km - the capital town of Poland.

If you
are interested in running your business in neighbouring countries, road distances are:

# Kaliningrad (Russia) - 290 km,
# Minsk (Belarus) - 800 km,
#  Kiev (Ukraine) - 1050 km,
# Berlin (Gemany) - 350 km.

If you have main business in Duesseldorf (Germany), London or Birmingham (United Kingdom) and even Dublin (Ireland), than flight provider  Ryanair  offers fast and relatively cheap air transport directly to or from Bydgoszcz.

Bydgoszcz also seems to be one of the cheapest big cities in Poland. With all these advantages we offer our help in establishing your virtual business office over here.

               Looking forward to cooperate with you!
Będzie nam bardzo miło!
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Wanted: Offered:
Your virtual office
to start up your activity in Poland
A foreign partner
for his representation,assistance, consulting, agency, etc.
in Poland and Belarus

Always cheap, reliably and on time!
Always cheap, reliably and on time!