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With regard to our services in Poland and Belarus, we have observed that our customers are much more likely to expect us to create convenient conditions for a real economic emergence on the Polish, Belarusian and Ukrainian markets, rather than providing a prospect for fragmentary activities.

                                                                                             Considering the above,
                                                                                             next to the services
                                                                                             carried out
                                                                                             individually, we have
                                                                                             created a service
                                                                                             package under the

                                                                          Partner in the East
Partner in the
  package is a set of
                                                                                             our economic ventures
                                                                                             aimed at providing
                                                                                             effective commercial or socio-cultural exchange with a partner approved by the Polish, Belarusian or Ukrainian customer, within the designated period of time.

The agreement is additionally provided with a success guaranty, ensuring our customers risk nothing. The agreement draft is available at request.

The Partner in the East service is calculated mainly for the capability scale of small enterprises that display determination to expand in terms of exportation.

The price for this service is always presented to our customers in person, in their own business environment.

Our income is based on careful expenditure management and on the whole does not exceed reasonable standards.
That is why we consider ourselves competitive!

Partner in the East is in fact a multi-promotion of goods and services in an executive sense. We assume that each original, quality-wise or prise-wise, competitive product, shall ultimately find its buyer, provided it is effectively presented to a larger circle of potential purchasers.
The owner of the product is not even required to personally participate in the whole procedure.

It is our own original project!

However, while very infrequently, it may occur that for a number of reasons, our customers’ products we offer shall not arouse any interest.

In such cases, after the previously established period of time expires, we bear all the costs of the ineffective promotion ourselves.

This condition provides our customers with a sense of true partnership cooperation.

                          We are looking forward
                                 to do business with you!
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Always cheap, reliably and on time!
Always cheap, reliably and on time!